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Some Facts & Numbers

About This System

What is Smart Inbound Live Call System?
Smart Inbound Live System (Ringless Voice Message) is a non-intrusive form of communication technology that helps makes outbound telemarketing, or cold-calling, a thing of the past. It is a business to consumer message delivery system that deposits a marketing sales message or recorded sales pitch into a voicemail box, without the phone ever ringing. Ringless voicemail is also referred to as voicemail marketing.
How does it work?
Ringless voice message system direct access technology creates a landline-to-landline session directly to the telephone company’s voicemail server. There is no contact between the message provider and the subscriber because it is essentially a computer-to-computer communication, rather than a phone call from one subscriber to another. VOIP (voice over internet protocol) technology makes this possible. Essentially, it’s two computers talking to one another. It’s an automated message going directly to the voicemail of a prospect – without interrupting them with a phone call.

Clients of voice message drop systems typically have a secure voicemail box in which to record messages that are sent from a central server. Clients can create and record their own scripts, or use professionally-written and recorded versions, typically for an additional cost, depending on their provider.

Once the message is recorded, it’s ready to be sent, and thousands of prospects or customers can be reached in a matter of minutes.

RVM providers may also supply the phone lists, which can be geo-targeted or sorted by various demographic criteria in order to successfully target the campaign messaging.

How is it used?
Voice message broadcasts can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Follow-up to a direct mail or other marketing campaign
  • Cold-calling potential customers
  • Client retention and appreciation calls
  • Mass delivery of a message from a company principal
  • Mass dissemination of timely or critical information on short notice
  • Voicemail marketing
What are the advantages of Smart Inbound Live Call System?
There are several advantages to Smart Inbound Live Calls System (ringless voice message system), especially when compared with cold-calling, which is interruptive and annoying to most consumers. With ringless voicemail:

  • There are no interruptions to annoy customers or prospects
  • The recipient can listen to the message when it’s convenient
  • More likely to reach the targeted prospect
  • Eliminates the stress of cold calling
  • Allows for professionally produced, customized messages
  • RVM enjoys a 95% open and listen rate compared to 5% with voice broadcast
  • Message length is not limited. Charges are by the drop, not the minute.
  • A phone call is never made, so the recipient is not charged.
  • Adds a personalized, human touch to mass marketing messages

RVM is an additional consumer touch point when included in a campaign with SMS (text messaging) and other marketing tactics. Today, most people have cell phones and voicemail, and 96% of them check their voicemail messages, making ringless voicemail highly likely to generate inbound callbacks from consumers. This means that business are only likely to talk to prospects who are interested in learning more about their message.

A business can drop a targeted message into thousands of voicemail boxes in just minutes. RVM works with both cellular and landlines – and the business is only charged for messages that are successfully delivered.

Some Facts & Results
Most sales calls are interruptive, will go unanswered, and will end up in the recipient’s voicemail. And cold-calling, according to the Harvard Business Review, doesn’t work 90.9% of the time. With ringless voicemail drops, however, 96% of consumers will open and listen to the voicemail message.

Open/Listen rates for mass messaging systems:

Email ad open rate 23%

Voice broadcast listen rate 39%

Live agent call listen rate 54%

SMS ad open rate 87%

Voicemail listen rate 96%

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