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Engagement Is the Key

Create conversations, build trust and turn your visitors into leads & enquiries

Grab Your Audience Attention With The Conversion & Build Instant Credibility

Greet your audience with An Interactive Chat and find out what they really need from you. Provide solution and turn your visitors into leads & sales instantly.

An Interactive Chat with your audience builds instant credibility and increase enquiries by 35%

Make An Irresistible Offer And Turn Your Audience Into Hot Leads & Buyers

Offer your audience a Solutions or Coupon that they can’t resist and generates leads instantly.

Once the lead is generated, our software will send you an email so you can follow up and turn your Hot Leads into Sales & Revenue

A.I Responsive

Data Collection

Booking Forms

External Messaging

Support Department

Mobile Responsive

Artificial Chatbot Lead Generator

Chatbots use the power of AI to communicate with your website visitors & create engagement. The use of chatbots has surged as organizations search for approaches to enhance customer support whilst preserving a lid on budgets.

Organisations use chatbots to deliver valuable content to your audience to interact with them in order to collect data such as names, emails, address, contact details etc. Within the subsequent seven years, the global market for chatbots will considerably exceed $1 billion.

To get the most our of chatbots you should use it on your advertising and marketing approach, we’ve explored some of the most up to date traits within the industry.

Everything You Need

External Messaging

Redirect your audience from your website to messenger, or what’s app or skype for live interaction

A.I Engagement

Fully customizable to create engagement and generates leads

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive as 70% of internet traffic comes from Mobile.

Instant Booking

Book your clients directly from Smart Lead Bots without having to redirect to different pages.

Data Driven

Get engaged with your audience, provide value and collect their emails, names, contact information etc

Engagement Rate

55% more engagement with Smart Lead Bot than a normal basic boring website.

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